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    Bozi Dar

    Almost all buildings have been demolished. The airfiled is still in use. One building is in use, next to the back/side entry that we used. Bunker/shed on the side of the airfield With demolished I mean this: The only one that we found standing: Situation in May 2018.
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    BARS 503

    Easely reachable over the road. The site is fenced and the gate is closed. Two shabby dogs are barking like hell. They will most probably be corrupt and will accept bribes in the form of hamburgers. Aparently, there was nobody present. There is a new construction next to the old one. It looks...
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    BARS 201

    Unfortunately there is not much to show. This is the bunker next to the place. It appears to be in use by a paintball company. This is the hill where the antenna construction must have been. The concrete path goes around it. The top of the hill has a recess on which you can see some concrete...
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    Kumandaras airfield and Keskemet buildings

    Here you go. Kecskemét Kiskunlachaza Kunmadaras
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    Kumandaras airfield and Keskemet buildings

    Hi folks, I've got some pictures of Kumandaras airfield and abandoned buildings near Keskemet from our 2014 tour. Shall I just post them here using the "Grafik einfugen" button or is it preferable to host them somewhere else and post the links? In that case could you advise me about a hosting...
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hi folks, Sorry my knowledge of the German language is not well enough to expres myself in written. Most of the forum posts are clear enough for me to read. We are planning a motorcycle tour along the western countries of the Warsaw Pact, from Poland to Croatia. And we hope to pass by some of...