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05.07.2016, 01:57
I'm from Latvia and I will visit Germany from 23 till 31 July. I will living in Hamburg, but want to visit Bremen, Hanover, Kiel and Lubeck. I will visiting my friend. I like urbex, like to take photos in abandoned objects, military bases, bunkers, villas, factories. Few times I was in Pripyat and Chernobyl. In Germany I will be the first time =)
I have 2 free days in 28 and 29 July and maybe someone want to meet with me and visiting some interesting places. Also after that you can arrive in Latvia and I will show you places about which you cannot find information in the Internet ;) I want to meet new people and have new friends all the world :)
only, I have very bad english, but in that hobby language not the most important.
And maybe you can reccomend me another forum or places, there I can found new friends :)

the passenger
15.07.2016, 18:46
Hi Laura,

you will be in Bremen on 28. or 29.?